Gunther is one of the most domineering forces in the WWE Universe. He can chop down a tree with his palm strikes, toss foes out of the ring with a release german suplexes, and can powerbomb a bigger performer through the ring with his incredibly explosive upper body strength.

As a result, Gunther really doesn't need to take on any would-be challenger who steps into a ring looking to take a shot at Intercontinental Championship; a sentiment he made abundantly clear on SmackDown, where he announced to the fans in attendance and watching from home that he won't be a fighting champion and that his would-be challengers need to prove themselves in order to earn a one-on-one bout in the ring.

Fortunately, Shinsuke Nakamura made his way down the ramp and developed an ingenious workaround to Gunther's proposition – he wanted a match with Ludwig Kaiser, Gunther's manager.

Taking the ring for a match that was at least long enough to make it through a commercial break, the “King of Strong Style” worked his way through Kaiser with little trouble, hitting the Kinshasa in the middle of the ring to earn the win.

Understandably, Gunther didn't take too kindly to this interference to his in-ring segment but not for the reason you might think. No, despite facing up with Nakamura during the match, Gunther took his post-match anger out on Kaiser, who he delivered three brutal chops to that knocked the second-generation grappler to the ground with each hit. If Nakamura can keep it up, he might just have a SummerSlam match booked with “The Ring General” in no time.