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YouTube TV Announces partnership with Turner to bring NBA games to its platform

YouTube TV has been making shock-waves in the entertainment series for its relatively cheap and reliable TV service. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the YouTube TV is continuing its growth and has now partnered with Turner to bring NBA games to its platform in the future. The partnership will allow users with paid subscriptions to view live games as a part of the league’s NBA TV service.

This revolutionary business deal will bring the NBA effectively to social media, building the league into a global empire. YouTube appears to be ecstatic after the announcement of the partnership was made. In fact, Christian Oestlien, the the Director of Product Management at YouTube TV, expressed his satisfaction with the deal and how it will help sports fans around the world, per Sport Techie’s Mitch Reames.

“We want to be more and more focused on the sports fan as we go along. “A significant portion of people joining our service haven’t paid for TV in the last 12 months, or at all,” Oestlien said. “The millennial generation still has a passion for sports. They are tired of the legacy business. The product experience has not evolved. The costs are getting bigger; channels include stuff true sports fans have no interest in. We are focusing on delivering a world class sports experience.”

This business approach will make the NBA accessible to millions of fans around the world that don’t have cable television, effectively expanding the league’s reach into a new market. While YouTube will benefit tremendously from this deal, NBA games, and possibly the NBA Finals, will be broadcasted live on YouTube for those who pay the minimum $40 per month fee.