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Zach LaVine, Jim Boylen, Bulls

Zach LaVine throws shade at Jim Boylen at Bulls Media Day

The Chicago Bulls are in a transition period. Gone is the disastrous front office and Jim Boylen, leaving stars like Zach LaVine in a place to better speak their mind.

On the daily Locked On Bulls Podcast, host Matt Peck and Jordan Maly discuss the shade Zach LaVine hurled toward Jim Boylen during Bulls Media day.

Matt Peck: My favorite part of Zach LaVine’s comments was his answer when asked about how things are a little bit different, and how there’s a different vibe coming into training camp and their offseason minicamp stuff that they did towards the tail end of the summer, just because of the organizational changes. He said, ‘it’s just a different energy. I see them every day, we have conversations, not just basketball opinions, they’re willing to change and hear people’s opinions. And that’s something different than it was in the past.’

That’s clearly shade directed at Jim Boylen, and everybody else who got the boot at the Bulls truncated end of the 19-20 season. The thing that I love about it is that this is a quote that the Bulls official Twitter account shared with a picture of Zach. They shared this quote that is clearly Zach LaVine giving the former front office and coaching staff mad shade. Yes, it is a positive thing that he’s saying about the new people, but it’s clearly different than the past. Here is a good thing that’s different than the past, aka the past, was not good. It was bad. I love that. I love that Zach said it.