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Joe Burrow dark horse MVP candidate

Bengals, Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals gunslinger Joe Burrow is actually a dark horse to win the NFL MVP in the upcoming season. You heard that here first! Well, actually second, as this isn’t even our take.

Good Morning Football’s Kay Adams went on TV to make the declaration. Let’s get that context out of the way to see what was said first:

“He’s a good dark horse,” Adams said about the Bengals gunslinger. “Before his injury last year, he showed us some things. If he can, in that gauntlet of a division, get his team into a playoff contention situation then you have to give him some love as an MVP candidate. He’s got Ja’Marr Chase, he’s got Tee Higgins and there’s no reason he can’t put up monster numbers this year. I think it sounds a little wild, but … year two we saw Lamar Jackson win it year two, we saw Patrick Mahomes win it year two. So why not Joe Burrow?”

There’s a lot of reasons why not Joe Burrow, even if I personally think he’s a good quarterback who will do great things for the Bengals. That said, comparing him to Patrick Mahomes is clinically insane… at best!

As mentioned in a post I wrote about another QB with high expectations this season, not everything has to be “all-time great or bust” whenever we discuss quarterbacks. Furthermore, when did NFL analysts start covering the league like it were the NBA?

Regardless of where he WON’T be in MVP talks this season, Joe Burrow and the Bengals should be measurably better than last season. That, in itself, is good enough we shouldn’t feel the need to lump hyperbolic statements on top of it.