Editorial Ethics and Standards

ClutchPoints’ editorial staff adheres to our ethics and standards listed below as they strive to deliver sports and entertainment fans with the most timely, accurate, informative, and engaging news content possible.

Ethics Policy

ClutchPoints’ mission is simple: report the truth in an unbiased manner. Our dedicated editorial staff prides itself on providing our audience with verified, well-sourced, and deeply researched content that is presented without preconceived notions. ClutchPoints’ reporters do not accept gifts of any kind and should not be swayed by any other incentives outside of writing the most accurate piece possible. All relationships between reporters and sources should be strictly professional without any conflicts of interest.

While ClutchPoints produces an ample amount of original reporting, we also write about content based on third-party sources from other outlets. When doing so, our authors make sure to cite the sources directly in their copy, with hyperlinks to the original work.

If we need to update an existing article as new information arises, we will do so directly in the copy, with updates, quotes, and any relevant information providing added context for our readers. If we need to correct a previous mistake that provided incorrect information or could have caused confusion to our audience, we will note that directly with a correction. Our goal is to always provide the most accurate, up-to-date information possible to our readers, and do so with complete transparency.

Diversity of Voices Policy

ClutchPoints is dedicated to creating inclusive content with a staff made up of a diverse set of individuals with different voices, viewpoints, and backgrounds. We strive to empower perspectives and stories that reflect all racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds and identities, and we believe that a collection of different voices will ultimately improve the stories we tell.

Verification and Fact-Checking Policy

ClutchPoints’ goal is to only publish information that is accurate and verified by trusted sources. We have a structured editorial and leadership team that commits to asking key questions and double-checking the facts, the source, and the details of every article before it goes live. ClutchPoints almost always keeps editorial content live on the site indefinitely. The only occasions where we delete content would be due to legal reasons or extreme circumstances. Only ClutchPoints leadership can approve the removal of any piece of editorial content.

Everything published on ClutchPoints’ site we stand by as accurate. That being said, we are not perfect. If we make an error, we will update the content with new, relevant information that transparently reflects to our readers that a change has been made.

Unnamed Sources Policy

ClutchPoints’ reporters and journalists follow the Associated Press’s anonymous sources best practices. Our reporters vet their sources and the information they provide to ensure there’s no inherent bias, opinion, or otherwise detected motive for making such information available. It’s vital that the information is only available under the condition of anonymity, and there’s complete confidence the source is reliable and has first-hand knowledge of the information they provide.

Corrections Policy

ClutchPoints’ editorial staff works hard to achieve factual accuracy with every story published. If new or previously missed information arises that either changes or invalidates the initial story, our staff will be transparent with a correction on the page. Our editors will also correct any factual errors or typos caught after publication.

If you see a mistake, please email info@clutchpoints.com or contact us here.

Actionable Feedback Policy

The editorial staff at ClutchPoints knows that all fans, both diehards and casuals, are vital to what makes our content and our website unique. We want to foster a relationship with our audience where they feel comfortable engaging with our content and team, and feel that their feedback is heard. Questions, complaints, and all other forms of feedback can be sent to news@clutchpoints.com to be taken into consideration by our team.