Bones Hyland Sends Cryptic Message on The Denver Nuggets Roster

GMs were shocked when the Nuggets traded Hyland to the Clippers for only two future 2nd round picks.  

But internally, it was a deal that had to be made since their fallout had been brewing for weeks.

Hyland was frustrated with his role once his minutes dropped following a stretch of averaging 16 points in eight games.

There were already rumors coach Michael Malone and Jamal Murray rarely got along with Hyland for his lack of defense.

Their relationship became irreparable once Hyland left the team bench in the middle of the fourth quarter verses OKC.

As punishment, Hyland wasn't allowed on the team plane heading to New Orleans and had to fly on his own.   

Hyland would only appear in three of the Nuggets' eight next games.

Once the trade was official, Hyland took parting shots with his former franchise and teammates.

Hyland went to Instagram while on the Clippers' private plane and said: "This is how they treat you when they love you."

When Hyland was asked about the difference of playing in LA, he said the Nuggets had only one guy with phenomenal talent.

For Hyland, he faces the same challenge he had in Denver as the Clippers also have a very crowded backcourt.