One Photo Could Cost Bryce Young His NFL Career 

Young is one of the top prospects in the 2023 NFL draft but that could all change because of one thing.

His height has always been a debate by scouts since he's listed at 6 feet but there's more evidence that say otherwise.

A photo of him alongside ESPN analyst Mina Kimes has gone viral as it shows they both have the same height. 

Kimes was quick to defend Young by claiming she was wearing 4-inch heels when the photo was taken.

Kimes is listed at 5 foot 7 but that didn't stop people on Twitter from debating about Young's actual height.

The sweet spot for an NFL quarterback's height is 6'4" since it helps them see over their offensive line.

But that doesn't necessarily mean short QBs can't find success in the NFL 

Legends like Joe Theisman, Michael Vick, and Drew Brees all played more than 12 years in the NFL.

For Young, his talents have drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes and Stephen Curry for his playmaking and vision.

He can silence the haters in the combine and prove his talent will be enough for teams to pick him number one.