Quarterback Bryce Young had a lot of success during his days at Alabama. He put up great stats and was the Heisman Trophy winner as a sophomore in 2021. Because of the impressive play, he is forecasted to be a top pick in April's NFL Draft.

If there is a question about how good Young could be at the pro level, it centers around his height. These days, if a quarterback isn't as tall as a center in the NBA (exaggeration), it's an issue for some NFL scouts.

For insight on the Chiefs' Super Bowl 57 win over the Eagles, listen below:

As if any more fuel was needed to keep the Bryce Young height debate going, this photo of him with ESPN's Mina Kimes (via Twitter) comes in at the right time.

Needless to say, NFL Twitter was quick to respond, saying among other things, Young's draft stock is going down by the minute.


Back to reality, Young is listed at 6'0″, which is average height. For an NFL quarterback, most of the scouts and people making the decisions on draft picks say 6'4″ is a sweet spot, or at least a height where the QB won't have any trouble seeing over the offensive line.

Yes, having the prototypical size and height is ideal, but it seems people are too tied-up in those figures. If we're being logical, the thing that should matter most is whether or not a person can play the position. Young played at the highest level, at one of the best college football programs in the country. Height didn't seem to be much of a concern then.

It's a good thing NFL Twitter isn't in charge of the actual teams drafting, and it's safe to say Young will be a top pick regardless of his height.