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Redskins’ Landon Collins says he’s “not just a box safety”

Landon Collins, Redskins

The Washington Redskins made a splash in free agency by signing Landon Collins. Of course, given the Redskins’ struggles as a franchise, the move has been questioned by plenty of people.

Those who are questioning the signing are labeling Collins as a “box safety.” In an article for the Washington Post, Collins mentioned the criticism he hears, but he ultimately dismissed it while laughing.

Here’s an excerpt from the article where the $84 million safety talks about the argument on whether he is just a “box safety”:

“I laugh, honestly, because I’m not just a box safety,” Collins said Thursday. “I make plays in the box, yeah, but I make plays in other places, too. People see me in the box because that’s what teams ask me to do sometimes.

“Pretty much it’s people that don’t know what they’re talking about. When I get the opportunity to show that I can play different spots, I will.”

This sounds like a guy who is ready to show his talents more than ever in Washington. Collins got a big payday: $84 million over six years.

The former All-Pro safety played four seasons with the New York Giants, where he made three Pro Bowls and was their defensive captain. Not too shabby for a “box safety.”

The fact that Collins hit the open market came as a surprise. The Giants decided to divorce the elite safety. It wasn’t the only questionable move by the Giants organization this offseason; they traded Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns.

Nonetheless, the Redskins landed the safety they wanted with a long-term deal. It sounds like we’ll be getting a heavily motivated Collins in 2019 at the expense of the Giants.