The New York Giants made a move to address both their linebackers and secondary when they decided to bring back Landon Collins.

Collins was drafted in the second round by the Giants in 2015. The veteran safety spent the first four seasons of his career with the team. During this time, he appeared in 59 games, starting each contest he appeared in.

While on the Giants, Collins emerged as one of the best safeties in football. He was a three-time Pro Bowler, recording 437 total tackles, 22 tackles for loss, four sacks, and eight interceptions.

After his four seasons with the team, Collins and the Giants went in different directions. Former Giants general manager Dave Gettleman was unable to reach a deal with Collins, even though the safety was reportedly willing to take a pay cut.

Collins then bolted to the Washington Commanders, where he became the highest-paid safety in the NFL. He spent three seasons with the team, appearing in 35 games during this time.

When on the field, Collins was effective, but he wasn't the player that he was while with the Giants. He recorded 239 total tackles, 19 tackles for loss, six sacks, and three interceptions during this time.

After the end of the 2021 season, Collins hit free agency. He put off signing with a team until the start of the season. Somehow things worked out for both sides and Landon Collins is now a member of the Giants once again.

Collins has spent his first week back with the organization on the practice squad, but he is expected to make the jump to the active roster soon. He has been spotted working with the linebackers, which is arguably the weakest link on this defense.

Following Wednesday's practice, Collins revealed that he never wanted to leave the Giants in the first place.

During a conversation with reporters, Collins was asked about his feelings towards Gettelman. Collins didn't hold back on his response.

According to New York Daily News Sports writer Pat Leonard, Collins stated, “That was my only concern. I want fans to understand that. It wasn’t the Giants. It was Dave Gettleman… I wanted to stay but Gettleman didn’t want me here.”

The decision to let Collins walk in free agency was one that Giants fans didn't forget. Collins didn't forget it either.

Following the departure of Gettelman, the Giants had an entire overhaul of both the front office and coaching staff. Joe Schoen was brought in during the offseason to be the new decision-maker. In his first few months with the team, he has quickly become the general manager that many hoped he would be.

Collins could very well be playing a big part on the Giants defense very soon. With their struggles at linebacker, he could end up in the starting lineup.