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HEAD COACH: Jamahl Mosley
VENUE: Amway Center - 400 W. Church Street, Orlando, FL 32801
CAPACITY: 18,846
Magic Stats Per Game
F. Wagner SF797930.75.812.3.4681.23.4.3544.68.9.511.5172.42.8.8631.
C. Anthony PG656531.75.514.0.3912.06.0.3383.58.0.432.4643.33.9.8540.
W. Carter PF626129.95.811.0.5251.13.5.3274.77.6.615.5762.33.3.6912.
M. Bamba C716925.
C. Okeke PF702025.
G. Harris SG613028.
T. Ross SG63023.
R. Hampton SG641421.
J. Suggs PG484527.
M. Wagner C63315.
R. Lopez C36917.
I. Brazdeikis SF42112.
M. Fultz PG18320.
T. Frazier PG10320.
M. Mulder PG15213.
F. Gillespie PF9213.
Team Total8237.084.9.42411.534.7.30025.550.2.483.48515.219.3.7528.733.742.423.06.54.413.318.5100.6
Magic Stats, Total
F. Wagner SF79792429456975.46896271.354360704.511.517189219.8638427235623168341191641197
C. Anthony PG65652059357912.391132391.338225521.432.464216253.8543231634836946171701711062
W. Carter PF62611852359684.52570214.327289470.615.576143207.6911395096481713643117169931
M. Bamba C71691824296617.480107281.381189336.563.5665773.781148424572853811877182756
C. Okeke PF70201749216575.376118371.31898204.480.4785565.8464730034711897425795605
G. Harris SG61301730240553.434116302.384124251.494.5398395.874368612210859961112679
T. Ross SG6301448220554.39777264.292143290.493.467112130.8622014116111628127568629
R. Hampton SG64141402175457.38364183.350111274.405.45375117.64123171194158421387101489
J. Suggs PG48451307198548.36142196.214156352.443.400126163.773261451712095919143142564
M. Wagner C633960197396.49766201.328131195.672.581104129.8064219023287201356123564
R. Lopez C369612110199.55326.333108193.560.5583254.5936858126542184467254
I. Brazdeikis SF42153681188.4312787.31054101.535.5032132.656234972371031748210
M. Fultz PG18336083175.474417.23579158.500.4862531.80644549992054022195
T. Frazier PG1032001343.302617.353726.269.37259.556514193331132437
M. Mulder PG1521952067.2991346.283721.333.39622.0002192134181255
F. Gillespie PF92119922.40901.000921.429.40937.42913233653951821
Team Total8230306965.4249402848.30020904117.483.48512481586.752712276234741883535357108915188248

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Who Is The Best Magic Player?

The recent roster overhaul in Orlando has opened up a ton of opportunities for the players that have remained. The Magic currently have a myriad of young and promising talents on their squad, but if we were to pick one guy who is going to lead this team at least for the immediate future, then it has to be Jonathan Isaac.

Unfortunately for Isaac, a knee injury put an end to his 2019-20 season, which also forced him to sit out the entire 2020-21 campaign. According to reports, however, his rehab has been going according to plan, and he should be good to go for the new season.

At 6-foot-11, Isaac has tremendous length and can be quite a force on the defensive end. He's already shown flashes of brilliance whenever he's on the court. So much so, that there are some who believe that he could have Defensive Player of the Year potential somewhere down the road. As much as he can emerge as an anchor on defense for the Magic, he can score the ball, too. At just 23, the future is extremely bright for Isaac, who figures to be Orlando's cornerstone star of the future.