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49ers GM John Lynch believes Nick Bosa is a ‘great teammate’

John Lynch, Nick Bosa, 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers currently own the No. 2 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. General manager John Lynch is expected by many to pick Ohio State Buckeyes defensive end Nick Bosa.

With such a notion all but solidified with the 2019 NFL Draft just days away, Lynch publicly stated that he thinks quite highly of Bosa.

“I think that he’s a great teammate,” Lynch recently said of Bosa, via NBC Sports. “I’m not going to get too far because a lot can happen at [No. 1]. He can go one. In general, we spend a lot of time vetting these guys and everything about them. You put something into all of it.”

It appears John Lynch and the 49ers have done all of their homework on Bosa.

“We try to be as thorough in the process as we can,” Lynch added. “That is something we look at it. We also look at what kind of teammate is he. What do his teammates think about him? And when I say ‘him,’ I’m speaking of any prospect.

“In particular, when you talk about guys who are going to go that high, you’ve vetted these guys in every way. You try to look at things like that. What kind of member of your organization will this guy be in every respect? You look at it all. We’ve done that with all the prospects.”

The 49ers will need all the help they can get if San Francisco is going to unseat the defending NFC champion Los Angeles Rams in 2019.