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Nationals Royals prediction
Brewers players Corbin Burnes, Luke Voit, and Eric Lauer
Padres Yankees prediction
Giants Brewers prediction
Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta Braves
Cardinals Guardians prediction
Daniel Jones, Giants
Blue Jays Twins prediction
Kyle Gibson, Orioles
Rangers Orioles prediction
Phillies Braves prediction
Kyle Hendricks, Chicago Cubs
White Sox, Tigers
Phillies, Aaron Nola, Aaron Nola Phillies, Braves, Aaron Nola Braves
Reds, Cubs
Dodgers Rays, Dodgers Rays prediction, Dodgers Rays pick, Dodgers Rays odds, Dodgers Rays how to watch
Yankees, Aaron Boone, Aaron Boone ejected, Aaron Boone umpire, Aaron Boone Yankees
Pete Alonso, New York Mets
Gary Sanchez, New York Mets
Aaron Boone, New York Yankees

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