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Anthony Joshua’s biggest problem is not his boxing

Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk, boxing

Anthony Joshua is equipped with the right tools to become the best heavyweight boxer in the world. However, there are other factors hindering him from doing so.

Leading to his heavyweight clash against Oleksandr Usyk in Tottenham, the bigger and more popular Anthony Joshua was heavily favored to thump the Ukrainian fighter.

A crowd of about 60,000 people came to see Joshua prolong his dominance but contrary to what was expected, the Usyk fight became the most dejecting 36 minutes of AJ’s life.

Through his aggressiveness and slick movement, Usyk tactically dismantled the Brit in his home soil to become the new WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight champion of the world.

At this point, even Joshua may have been pondering what else could he have done or where did he go wrong. For a fighter as big as him, it is quite understandable if he doesn’t find the answers yet.

Looking at Joshua’s stellar boxing career, he didn’t any further introduction as his 20-fight winning streak already speaks highly of the power he possesses in his fists. Atop that, he was also highly-regarded by some boxing personalities and was even likened to the late Muhammad Ali at one point.

However, boxing legend Mike Tyson had a different take.

According to Tyson, he’ll definitely destroy every current heavyweight champ if he was in his prime but probably not Joshua.

Based on “Iron Mike’s” assessment, Joshua is the only fighter who could’ve given him a tough time inside the ring as he “has had it all.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t know it yet.

“If I was training Joshua, Joshua would be [my toughest opponent]. He has had it all, he still doesn’t know it though. You have to know it,” Tyson said on a YouTube Live chat last year.

Tyson may have not been the best boxing analyst in the sport but a year after it, Joshua’s sparring partner for the Usyk fight Steve Robinson confirmed that the former undisputed heavyweight champions is indeed doubting himself.

“I think speaking to Anthony [Joshua], he doubts himself,” Robinson revealed ahead of Joshua vs. Usyk fight. “Any boxer who doesn’t doubt themselves, I don’t believe it, I think every boxer has a bit of self doubt in their head.”

“Anthony says it’s something he suffers with, doubting himself and all that self doubt,” he added.

It is quite a shock that a world champion like Joshua, considering all his accomplishments in boxing, is dealing with a dilemma even coaches and trainers could not solve.

At this very moment, Joshua may have been doing a lot of thinking but as per his promoter and Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn, they are already looking forward to a rematch with Usyk.

“It’s straight back into the fire and [Joshua] he will want to go straight back into that rematch,” Hearn told Sky Sports. “He will be an underdog in the rematch this time after that tonight, but that’s what he does.”

“He’s not quite talking the way you would expect him to talk at the moment,” he added. “[He’s] Devastated. [But] he’s already talking about training again.”