Broncos news: Denver's request to interview Rich Scangarello gets denied by 49ers
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Broncos’ request to interview Rich Scangarello gets denied by 49ers

Rich Scangarello, Broncos

Let’s just say that the Denver Broncos’ desire to at least have contact with San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello was stuffed by the Niners before they could even get within field goal range.

Earlier, it was reported that Denver will interview Scangarello on Monday for the offensive coordinator job, but the 49ers made sure to know the rest of the league how much they value him by refusing to grant the Broncos permission to talk to Scangarello, according to a source of ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Broncos denied permission to interview 49ers’ quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello for their offensive coordinator job, per source.

It seems that Scangarello is very much part of San Francisco’s future — at least for as long as Kyle Shanahan remains the team’s head coach. Shanahan and Scangarello have been together for a long time, having been on the same team with the Atlanta Falcons in 2015 before the two jumped ship to San Francisco in 2017.

As of this writing, Bill Musgrave is still the Broncos’ offensive coordinator, though, the fact that Denver is actively seeking for a person to take over the same position means that he’s merely a placeholder and viewed as a highly dispensable piece of the team’s coaching staff.

Also, the Broncos appeared to be replacing Musgrave with former Denver head coach Gary Kubiak until discussions between the two sides fell apart due to philosophical differences.