Browns news: Cleveland owner not happy with Kareem Hunt's recent actions
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Cleveland Browns owner not happy with Kareem Hunt’s recent actions

Kareem Hunt, Browns

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt ran into some off-field trouble recently. The star refused a drug test during a traffic stop in late January, admitting to the officer that he would not pass it.

Understandably, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, is not exactly thrilled with the situation. According to Mary Kay Cabot of, the owner called the actions of Hunt “not acceptable.”

“It’s not good,’’ Haslam said after GM Andrew Berry’s introductory press conference Wednesday. “Kareem knows he’s got to do better. Kevin and Andrew have talked to him about it and I’ll just leave it at that. What he did is not acceptable; he’s got to do better.’’

The situation could have been a lot worse for Hunt in the eyes of the law. Due to the low amount of marijuana in the car, he was not charged with possession. Although the officer said he smelled like alcohol, the container of vodka was sealed still and the running back was not tested.

This kept Hunt out of trouble for the most part. That being said, it doesn’t look like that matters in the eyes of Haslam. He still feels that Hunt’s actions were unacceptable, and it seems like Hunt feels the same way.

It’s good that the two are on the same page. As of now, Hunt is still on the team and any real punishment (like a suspension) seems unlikely.

Hunt may not be the feature back in the Browns’ offense, but he’s still a serious threat. He adds another dimension to the offense and can help them get back on the right track. Now the running back just needs to stay out of trouble.