Bulls news: Kris Dunn on what he needs to do to fit in with Chicago's core
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Kris Dunn explains what he needs to do to fit in with Bulls’ core

Kris Dunn

The Chicago Bulls had another forgettable year, as they finished the season with a 22-60 record. Incoming fourth-year point guard Kris Dunn recently spoke about the team’s recent struggles and also relayed how he believes he can become a crucial part of the team’s young nucleus.

Speaking to Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic, Dunn discussed the specifics of what he thinks he has to accomplish in order to force his way into the team’s core.

“Knock that trey-ball down,” he stated. “That’s what I was going to do this summer is just work on my 3-point shot. I want to elevate my game. But like I said, last summer that wasn’t a key focus because I was under Fred and Fred allowed me to get downhill, get to my mid-range, spray the ball out to the guys and create.”

Dunn went on to explain how the mid-season coaching change caused a major shift in the team’s system and what kind of effect this had on him.

“This system is less creating,” said Dunn. “It’s more whoever’s got it, try to get downhill and then create. There was a point in time when Lauri was getting 20 boards. The ball wasn’t in my hands. I just constantly ran to the corner. So if that’s something that they stick with, I’ll know what I need to do and work on this summer.”

Dunn isn’t complaining here, but instead, has already identified what needs to be done on his end. He knows that the team will not adjust to his strengths and that in order for him to stay relevant, he must do everything in his power to ensure that he is able to shine in whatever system the team decides to pursue.