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Bulls’ Zach LaVine reveals how he’s motivated by ‘The Last Dance’

Zach LaVine, Michael Jordan, Bulls

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Zach LaVine has been closely watching “The Last Dance,” like many other players and fans confined to their own devices. The 6-foot-5 skywalker actually holds the highest scoring average for a Bulls player since Michael Jordan, something he didn’t even come to realize until a recent interview with Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype.

It’s a cool individual feat for LaVine, but watching the ESPN docuseries has inspired him even more to work on his game in order to help his Bulls actually win games:

“I tweeted this out yesterday as I was watching it: Any time I watch it, I want to go outside and work out or play or do something,” said LaVine. “You miss it. I appreciate you telling me that stat! That’s something that I didn’t even realize until you just told me! (laughs)

“It’s cool, but you won’t be recognized as great or get put where you want to be put for individual things – you need to have that team success. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to helping the Bulls get back to where we’re supposed to be.

LaVine is having a similar reaction to many kids who grew up during the Jordan era, finishing a Bulls game only to go outside and play with their friends before it gets dark.

While the circumstances are greatly different during this quarantine period, the itch is still the same for LaVine, who has been paying close to attention to each episode of the popular documentary series:

“I think it’s great,” LaVine said. “It’s really cool to get an inside look at these things. It’s obviously a lot of stories that we’ve heard and seen, but just to see the entire background of how it all happened is great. There’s a lot of stuff that you don’t know, especially as someone who was born in 1995.

“I was obviously a huge Michael Jordan fan and I watched all of his tapes and highlights when I was growing up, so I know a lot about him. He was one of my inspirations to play basketball along with Kobe Bryant. But there are just little things that I didn’t know about, so I think the series has been really good up to this point. It gives me something to look forward to every week, just sitting on the couch and not moving for two hours.”

LaVine is learning plenty about Bulls lore and the greatness of Jordan, even some stuff he had no idea about despite playing for the franchise for over two seasons now.