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Carmelo Anthony thinks everybody should calm down about Kevin Durant’s decision

It might get a little awkward at practice for Team USA basketball this summer.

Kevin Durant‘s decision to join the Warriors shook up the league, from the team he left, teams he never gave a chance, and new teammates he now has.

Durant is playing alongside two new future teammates in Draymond Green and Klay Thompson in preparation for Rio. Another member of that team, Harrison Barnes, is basically being replaced by KD in Golden State. He’s also practicing against Victor Oladipo, who was going to be his new teammate in Oklahoma City.

If that’s not enough, he’s also playing with guys like Carmelo Anthony, who tried their best to recruit him over the summer. Durant was actually working out with Anthony in New York in late June as he was nearing his decision. The two spent a lot of time together while Anthony tried to convince him to come to New York. That obviously didn’t happen, but there are no hard feelings between the two.

Per Frank Isola of the NY Daily News:

“I knew he was meeting with them,” Anthony added. “I knew it was on the schedule. He had to make that decision. That was on him to make that decision. Just from talking to him and being around him, he’s happy, he’s at peace with that decision, and everybody else should be at peace with that decision. If he’s at peace, everybody else should be at peace.”

Soon, maybe, everyone will come to peace with the decision. It will take awhile for some, but a guy like Anthony knows as well as anyone that the NBA is a business so it’s no surprise that he understands Durant’s situation.

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