Celtics news: Gordon Hayward 'didn't realize how good of a shooter' Jaylen Brown is
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Gordon Hayward ‘didn’t realize how good of a shooter’ Jaylen Brown is

Jaylen Brown

Gordon Hayward just might become a coach someday.

While he’s been out with the leg injury, Hayward has tried to keep himself engaged with the team in various ways. One of them turned out be a scout of sorts.

He watched a recent Boston Celtics game and gave his thoughts on several of his teammates, including a nugget that he had no idea Jaylen Brown could shoot the ball as well has he does, per Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe.

“I didn’t realize how good of a shooter he is,” Hayward said. “I’d see his massive dunks on Twitter last year, so I knew how athletic he was. But especially at the beginning of the year, his corner three was automatic. When he’s hitting threes, it’s like, ‘All right, this dude is damn near unstoppable.’”

It’s a fascinating insight into how a basketball player thinks, and just how much can be learned with you start playing with guys who you have only previously seen on TV or as an opponent.

Brown has been playing very well for the Celtics this season, and his development has been a bit accelerated due to Hayward’s injury. And when Hayward gets back, the chemistry between the two will only continue to grow.

The watching Hayward is doing is also likely to get him even more excited about coming back to play with his new teammates. Boston fans will have a treat waiting for them next season.