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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes makes NFL history by winning Super Bowl MVP

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs, NFL, Super Bowl

Coming into Super Bowl LIV, everyone understood that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was a special player. Now that the dust has settled, the 24-year-old pass-caller is undoubtedly considered as one of the best players in the NFL as he made history with his Super Bowl MVP award.

According to SportsCenter, he’s officially the youngest quarterback in league history to ever win the MVP and a Super Bowl. The fact that he’s already achieved two of the biggest achievements in football before even entering his late 20s is nothing short of incredible.

What makes this narrative all the more incredible is the fact that Mahomes actually stumbled on the way to winning the game. Every Chiefs fan was wide-eyed when he made his first pick, but everyone let out a groan when he made a pass behind Tyreek Hill to give Tarvarious Moore the interception.

However, his plays during the final 10 minutes of the Super Bowl will be what defines this year for him. His incredible accuracy to find Travis Kelce helped close the gap between the two. Finally, his pass to Damien Williams gave them the lead to set up a bombastic finale. His incredible performance in the clutch was the key for the end of the championship drought that plagued the city’s football fans for 50 years.

Expect everyone in the Chiefs Kingdom to shower him with all the love and affection in the world. He stepped up on the world’s biggest stage and proved his pedigree as an elite quarterback in spite of the setbacks he experienced.

This Super Bowl victory starts his legacy as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.