Dolphins QB Josh Rosen poised for a big-time performance against Washington
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Josh Rosen

Dolphins QB Josh Rosen poised for a big-time performance against Washington

The Miami Dolphins are poised for another long evening after their bye week. The funniest thing about their upcoming matchup? Josh Rosen and the Dolphins are unsure whether they’ll manage to win even against a team as weak as the Washington Redskins.

The mere fact that their fate against the Redskins is uncertain brings nothing but worry and negativity to a struggling fanbase whose team is tanking this season. The only thing that can uplift their mood is Rosen showing them that the team didn’t make a mistake in acquiring him from the Arizona Cardinals. This is the perfect opportunity for him to show to the Miami Dolphin organization and their suffering fans that he is worth keeping and grooming as the team’s franchise QB.

One of the reasons this is a game where he can show off is due to its very unique circumstances. Jay Gruden is fired from the job after losing the team’s first five games of the season. With the Redskins also fully committed to the tank and developing Dwayne Haskins, this is as vulnerable as they’ll ever be. They also need to adjust to Bill Callahan’s way of doing things, so the Redskins they’ll face tomorrow are far from an NFL-ready side.

Another reason Rosen is poised for a primetime performance is his decent outing against the Los Angeles Chargers. Sure, he may have only 180 passing yards and threw an interception, but he managed to throw a touchdown and complete 71 percent of his passes. He’s slowly coming into his own despite not having the best offensive line the league. He should be able to make spectacular passes when given time.

Moreover, he is on a team that is willing to invest in him. As Dolphins Wire’s Kyle Crabbs pointed out, the Dolphins are willing to spend time developing him. In order to repay their trust, he must not lose confidence in his play. Plenty of draft busts were undone by their destroyed trust in their own performance, and Rosen must do everything he can to avoid that same fate.

Finally, he’s aware that he’s still not the team’s franchise QB. He’s aware of the talent coming in next year, and the Dolphins could very well use one of their first-round picks on any of them. He still sees the season as an audition for the starting spot, and that awareness will keep his edge sharp.

With these factors in mind, it’s obvious that everything is set up for Rosen to succeed. All he needs to do now is keep himself calm and perform.