Dynopunk, developed by Tomato Fantasy Games and published by 101XP, is now available now for play and we share with you all the details we know like release date, gameplay, story, and details. If you’re a fan of Cyberpunk 2077 and dinosaurs, then this game might be the perfect game for you.

Dynopunk release date and other details that you need to know

In case you’ve been wondering what the game is all about, Dynopunk is an ironic adventure set in a cyberpunk world where dinosaurs have taken the place of humans. Run a repair shop, fix gadgets, and find a personalized approach to every customer while offering them beverages and having heart-to-heart conversations.

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Dynopunk welcomes you to Synth-City where you will have the opportunity to live in a cyberpunk world inhabited by dinosaurs. The graphics are pixel-based and share a unique retro vibe that transports you back to the days when things were more wobbly and loose cannons were still pretty common.  Imagine the meteor that wiped out all dinosaurs back then never struck the Earth so the dinosaurs did not go extinct but continued to evolve. Millions of years later, they inhabit high-tech megalopolises. You will find yourself in a dinosaur-run world of the future (humans who?), writing their stories and dealing with personal problems in huge high-tech cities.

You’ll fix gadgets while finding a personalized approach to every customer. The mechanic of offering the customer beverages and having heart-to-heart conversations will be part of the gameplay so empathy and sympathy with a little bit of logic is sure to work for this game. Dynopunk isn’t all work, though, as you’ll need to find time to balance your private life and chase your dream.

Players will be able to transform into the main character of the story who is named Chris. Chris made his move to a big city to become a first-class gadget repair engineer and make another incredible dream come true which is to build a time machine, return to the past and find his love. After all, he is the last tyrannosaurus on the planet.

If this game is something that is interesting for you, you’re in luck since Dynopunk’s release date is today – May 25, 2023! Make sure to check in on ClutchPoints Gaming to know more about the latest news, updates, and events like Dynopunk’s Release Date, Gameplay, Story, and Details as well as your other favorite titles, upcoming games, and more!