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Floki coin rides strong momentum thanks to Elon Musk

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With over 70,000 token holders, the new cryptocurrency Floki Inu is starting to gain traction.

A series of cryptic tweets from Elon Musk heralded the arrival of the coin. Back in Match, Elon tweeted about getting a Shiba Inu, with the hashtag #resistanceisfutile. Three months later, he would tweet that he’s going to Japan, and then shared two weeks later that his Shiba Inu will be named Floki. Finally, Elon broke the news on September 12, posting a picture of his pup Shiba Inu named Floki. In spite of Floki Inu’s capitalizing on Elon Musk’s adoption of a real-life dog, he doesn’t appear to have any direct business involvement with the creators of the coin.

Floki has since surpassed 70,000 token holders, according to the team’s Twitter account. For a time, it was the #1 trending cryptocurrency on social media. Its flagship utility product, Valhalla, seeks to be the first to implement on-chain NFT interactions, which gives token owners additional usage of their NFTs: interaction in a metaverse that pays its users for playing, not largely different from Axie Infinity.

To stir more publicity, Floki Inu then partnered with Kimbal Musk and Frank Giustra’s Million Gardens Movement, where the Floki Inu raised $1.4 million in FLOKI NFT sales in just 32 minutes.

To make the coin useful, it has partnered with CryptoCart, an e-commerce marketplace, which will allow token owners to use their cryptocurrency to make purchases in online stores such as Amazon, eBay, PlayStation, Apple, and Starbucks.

Currently, the coin’s value on CoinGecko is at $0.00004250.