Ubisoft unveiled the new For Honor Medjay Hero, rising from the Curse of the Scarab. Check out its release date, moveset, and gameplay.

 For Honor Medjay Hero Reveal Trailer

Ubisoft released the Hero Trailer for the new For Honor Egyptian Hero, the Medjay Hero, on July 21, 2022. The Medjay Hero is a warrior of the desert, wearing only light linen clothing and wielding a two-sided polearm with curved blades called Two-sided Fan Axes. They are part of The Outlanders faction, alongside the Pirate.

The Medjay Neferkha is the leader of the Medjay forces. They protect the treasures and secrets of their lost civilization, and he and his forces have awakened as Bolthorn steals the Scarab Bracelet. Neferkha is on a mission to retrieve the Scarab Bracelet to make the Curse of the Scarab subside, ending its reign over innocent lives in the Heathmoor.

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Medjay Hero Release Date

The Medjay Hero arrives on all versions of For Honor on July 28, 2022. The new Egyptian Hero will be arriving at the game for $8 in a pack that comes with an exclusive Ornament, an Elite Outfit, seven days of Champions status, and three scavenger crates.

Medjay Hero Moveset and Gameplay

The Medjay Hero is notable for having a dual stance that he can actually hold. He can freely switch between stances and not lose the stance when attacked, unlike The Highlander that gets knocked down while in the Offensive Stance. The Medjay Hero also makes perfect use of his double-sided fan blades, allowing him to chain attacks quickly, but by doing so leaves himself somewhat open to counteracts. When playing as the Medjay Hero, find the perfect time to attack and make sure not to overextend, as the Medjay Hero offers very little in terms of protecting himself in combat. The Medjay Hero is also a bit fragile and only has 130 Health.

More information about the new Medjay Hero will come out as the character gets unlocked for play next week.