Giants news: Golden Tate tells New York fans to 'trust the process'
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Golden Tate tells Giants fans to ‘trust the process’

Golden Tate, Giants

The New York Giants suffered their sixth-straight loss on Sunday against the New York Jets. Despite the slide, Golden Tate is telling New York fans to be patient with the Giants.

“You know, well first I’m going to apologize to the Giants pride because I know how important this game is. I know we were expecting to come out and get a big time win against the other New York team, but we didn’t,” Tate told reporters. “The only thing I can ask at this point is just be patient and try to trust the process. Just know the people inside the building, we’re working, we still believe we can, we’ve just got to go out there and do it.”

In Week 10, the Giants lost to the Jets by the score 31-24 in spite of Tate contributing four receptions for 95 yards and two touchdowns. Therefore, the veteran wide receiver shouldn’t be the one apologizing to the fan base.

The Giants lost the game to their intra-city rivals due to Saquon Barkley only have one yard on 13 carries. Along with the offensive line giving Barkley no holes to run through, they also allowed Daniel Jones to be sacked six times.

With their sixth consecutive loss, the Giants now stand at 2-8 and are in a position to have a top-five draft pick for the second-straight year under Pat Shurmur. There is still plenty of talent on this roster that provides some optimism for the future.

But unless things begin to get better before the season concludes, it is going to be tough for fans in the Big Apple to ‘trust the process’.