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Heat news: Dion Waiters wants Kyrie Irving to ‘know there’s an alpha male’ in Miami too in case of trade

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Despite a freshly-established backcourt dynamic with Goran Dragic for the Miami Heat, newly re-signed shooting guard Dion Waiters is open to playing with Kyrie Irving once again as he did so during his days with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the $52-million man wants to let him know there’s some Philly Cheese swag waiting for him in South Beach.

“It would help – I’m not against that,” Waiters told HipHopSince1987 (via The Miami Herald) of a possible move by the Heat to acquire the four-time All-Star.”

“Just know there’s an alpha male over there too in myself.”

The two scorers shared two-and-a-half seasons in Cleveland before Waiters ended up spending the next season-and-a-half with the Oklahoma City Thunder, later banking on his own future and signing a one-year deal with the Heat — a move that netted him a big check this offseason.

Waiters has made plenty of game-winners during his lone year in Miami, endearing himself to the crowd and his teammates with his sheer confidence and unmistakable swag on the court.

Irving is still a long shot to land in Miami, as the team does not possess the pieces to construct a fair trade and other franchises around the league are becoming less likely to become a third-party aid, as most are trying to prevent superteams from forming at all costs.

Two alphas that would like the ball at the last two minutes of the game would spell trouble in the paradise that is South Beach, making the reunion of Irving and Waiters not only unlikely, but a potential recipe for disaster if the two are on the same side of the floor.