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Tony Parker felt like Hornets wanted him more than Spurs did

Tony Parker

It always felt like Tony Parker would only play with one team in his career, the San Antonio Spurs, but that changed this offseason. Parker decided it was time for a change, joining the Charlotte Hornets, and the reason is pretty simple, they wanted him more.

“The Spurs made me an offer”,  said Parker to EuroHoops. “but it was only for year and with a role a little wobbly. I wanted to have a real challenge.”

According to Parker, the Spurs offered him more of a player-coach role and that isn’t something that he was interested in. With no guaranteed playing time, Parker feels like he has more left in the tank, and wants to prove that.

“I do not want to become a coach before being one.”

Parker admits that when he returns to San Antonio during the season it might be a bit odd, and he may even shed a tear or two.

“It will be a lot of emotion, I would not be surprised if there were some tears in my eyes. The Spurs will always be my home, San Antonio will always be a big part of my life.”

It’s unclear how many more years of basketball Parker has left, but over the last few seasons, he has really seen a decline in his role with the Spurs.

With the Hornets, he should have a chance to be the backup point guard behind Kemba Walker, and be a good locker room guy for the younger guys on the team.