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Urban Meyer explodes after Jaguars embarrassing loss to Titans

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Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars have had no answer to their struggles throughout the entire season. They have undoubtedly been the worst team in football and not only are they performing badly on the field, but things are not going right in the Jaguars locker room. First-year head coach Urban Meyer doesn’t seem to have his clubhouse under control as there have been reports recently that he has gotten into altercations with players and staff members of the Jaguars.

Albert Breer of NBCS Boston asked about what the Jaguars need to do to fix what’s wrong, Meyer had this to say,

“What’s the answer? Starting leaking some information or nonsense? That’s garbage. … If there is a source, then that source is unemployed. I mean, within seconds.”

At this point, he keeps digging his own hole and he will not return to be the Jaguars head coach next season. It would be one thing if his team was struggling because it was to be expected that the Jaguars were not going to be that good this season. It’s another thing to not have your locker room under control and then make comments that a head coach has no business making.

His actions and comments recently have been of one who seems like they want to get fired. If he doesn’t address the issues that the Jaguars clearly have, he can start packing his bags now and head back to the college world.