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Robby Anderson blasts Boomer Esiason for false report about New York offer

Robby Anderson, Jets, Boomer Esiason

Robby Anderson denied reports he turned down more money with the New York Jets prior to signing a two-year deal with the Carolina Panthers.

During a segment for WFAN radio, former Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason claimed the Jets offered Anderson a four-year, $40 million deal. But Anderson refuted those claims in a tweet he has since deleted (via Darin Gantt of Pro Football Talk):

False news y’all need to better jobs reporting and putting out fake news too ppl,” Anderson tweeted, via SNY, though at some point later he deleted the tweet.

However, Esiason is not backing down from the report:

I have a great source. My source is always accurate. I’m not backing off anything that I said,” he said. “The one thing that I said yesterday that in my eyes remains very true [is] that Robby decided to play for his old Temple coach, Matt Rhule. They have that new offensive coordinator down there, Joe [Brady]. He signed a two-year deal to bet on himself to get back to free agency. I don’t want to say it’s a gutsy move; I think it’s a confident move by Robby Anderson.

“Whether or not he decided to do it that way as opposed to staying with the Jets for four years, that’s his decision. I give him a lot of credit for making that decision, but I know what I know. I know what I was told. . . . He made a business decision, and hopefully it’ll work out for him. But I know what I know, and I was just telling you what I was told, and I stand by it.”

Esiason’s report would seem to be more in line with the purported market for Anderson at the start of free agency.

While the 26-year-old has yet to top 1,000 yards, he established himself as a bona fide deep threat in four seasons with the Jets, averaging nearly 15 yards per reception.

Perhaps Anderson feels he can be more productive in Carolina, with the two-year deal giving him just enough cushion to re-enter the market in his prime years.