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3 NFL teams that need to sign quarterback Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen, Dolphins, NFL

Following the release of Josh Rosen by the Miami Dolphins earlier on Friday, it begs the question: where will the third-year pro land now?

While Rosen will unlikely be a starter, he could be a serviceable backup to help a team with their depth. It’s unknown if there are any teams that are looking at Rosen, but there are certainly some teams that could use his service.

Denver Broncos

This is the one team where Rosen could potentially start, depending on how much faith John Elway and the rest of the organization have in Drew Lock.

The Denver Broncos have had issues with finding their next franchise quarterback after Peyton Manning retired in 2015. Since then, they have started seven quarterbacks. When Elway brought veteran Joe Flacco last season, it was supposed to be similar to Manning, but Flacco struggled before getting taken out with a neck injury halfway through the season.

In his half a season in Denver, Flacco threw six touchdowns and five interceptions. While Josh Rosen probably isn’t the long-term answer for the team, he could be a serviceable quarterback in the Mile High City to help them right the ship a bit.

Cincinnati Bengals

In spite of being only in his third season himself in the NFL, Rosen could be brought in by the Cincinnati Bengals as a security blanket and mentor figure for 2020 top pick Joe Burrow.

While Burrow is definitely the man in Cincinnati, there is no real veteran backup presence on the team to guide Burrow through the ins and outs of the NFL as a quarterback. Only Brandon Allen, who has only played in three games, has been in the league for more than one year.

Rosen could be brought in to help Burrow navigate the trials and tribulations of being a first round draft pick on a bad team and help him avoid the downfall that Rosen endured.

He could also give the Bengals a backup to have in the wings in case Burrow struggles.

Jacksonville Jaguars

While Gardner Minshew has the starting job locked down more than likely, the Jacksonville Jaguars do not have a real backup to speak of. While the franchise may be tanking for Trevor Lawrence, if Minshew gets injured or struggles early on, Mike Glennon just isn’t going to cut it in the NFL.

Rosen could be brought in as a backup and fail safe for the Jaguars to make sure they have an NFL caliber, if just barely, quarterback in case something happens.

Whether or not any of these teams go for Josh Rosen and if he is signed before the season starts next week is up in the air, but out of all the NFL teams, these three are the ones that could use his help the most.