Kawhi Leonard rumors: Sixers are now the favorites to land him
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Sixers are now the favorites to land superstar Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard, Sixers

Over the last several weeks, the trade chatter around San Antonio Spurs All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard has continued to remain the prominent topic of discussion around the league.

There have been several teams in on the mix for Leonard, but it has seen a lack of movement in any direction toward a deal being worked out. However, Vegas Insiders is reporting that they have received a recent high amount of betting money recently on the Philadelphia 76ers being the frontrunners to land the 27-year-old.

“We’ve taken a good amount of sharp money on the Sixers recently,” BetDSI spokesperson Scott Cooley said. “There’s no telling what’s going to happen, as there are a ton of moving parts, but we saw the same guys firing at L.A. late with the LeBron odds.”

“The square bettors have been all over the place for this prop, but they read the news and react to it so they’ve been betting Philly. Plus, the possibility of creating a second superteam in the East creates excitement they want to be a part of.”

The Los Angeles Lakers have been firmly in the picture as the expected landing spot given that is his preferred destination next to the Los Angeles Clippers. The 76ers have also been persistently in the picture as a possible suitor to work out a deal. However, what may have stalled talks a bit is that Spurs have remained strong on their desire to get a big haul in return for the two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

Philadelphia has also been hesitant to put forth a lucrative offer that includes second-year point guard Markelle Fultz among other assets that San Antonio is eyeing in any deal. Until the Spurs drop down their asking price in any manner, things will continue to remain fuzzy in terms of when this situation will be resolved.

In the meantime, it looks like the 76ers will be a factor in the factor in determining where Leonard spends this next chapter of his career.