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Knicks’ Marcus Morris responds to fan sarcastically thanking Rich Paul for keeping him off the Clippers

Marcus Morris, Knicks, Rich Paul

Knicks forward Marcus Morris had a wild offseason. The former Celtic turned down offers from both the Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs before finally landing in New York. Rumors swirled that Morris’ former agent Rich Paul wanted him to sign with San Antonio, and reject both the other options. One fan tweeted out at Paul to thank him for keeping Morris from the Clippers, but the enigmatic forward shut down the rumor quickly.

The theory goes that Paul wanted to weaken the Clippers to give his best customer, LeBron James, an easier shot at the title. Obviously, this is a little far fetched. Morris more than likely made the decision based on the paycheck, not where his agent told him to go.

Whatever the reason, Morris is now a Knick for at least one year. He joins a team that is in complete rebuild mode with a hodgepodge roster. Morris is the fourth forward the Knicks have signed, after Tj Gibson, Bobby Portis, and Julius Randle.

The younger Morris twin will have an opportunity to show some veteran leadership and bring some badly needed scoring to New York. Rookie R.J. Barret could learn a thing or two from the savvy vet and pick up some useful NBA knowledge. While he might not be on a contender, Morris could still make the most out of his time calling Madison Square Garden home