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Trading Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kings would be critical for max cap space

Tim Hardaway, Knicks

The New York Knicks know they need to try and clear some cap space before next offseason if they want to chase a couple of max players. One guy whose name has been floated around that they might need to unload is Tim Hardaway Jr. who the Knicks might have overpaid for, especially now when they want to use that cap space on someone else.

Tommy Beer of Forbes points out there could be a perfect landing spot for Hardaway Jr, with the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings have been looking for a shooting guard to add to their team and after striking out on Zach LaVine the search continues. Hardaway Jr. is a nice talent and might be just what the Kings are looking for, and with the Knicks just looking to move the salary the Kings could probably get a very good deal in the trade. According to Beer:

In order sign two veterans with 7-9 years worth of NBA experience to max contracts, the Knicks will need north of $65 million in cap space. To get there, New York will need to renounce the cap holds of all their non-essential players (Enes Kanter, Ron Baker, etc.), waive Lance Thomas, stretch Joakim Noah, and trade both Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway Jr.

This offseason would be a perfect time to trade Hardaway Jr. especially if they are serious about trying to make a run at a few big names like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant next offseason. This could be a perfect match for both teams.