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Colin Cowherd believes Kevin Durant will join the Lakers

Colin Cowherd

The Los Angeles Lakers landed their prized free agency this offseason, LeBron James. James is a good start, but to compete in a tough Western Conference the team knows that they are going to need to do more and next summers free agency is going to be key.

Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, and Kevin Durant highlight the free agency class next year, one that is loaded top to bottom and the Lakers are going to be aggressive. In the last week the rumors that Kevin Durant might want to leave the Golden State Warriors next summer have picked, and Colin Cowherd thinks he will join James and the Lakers.

“Of course Kevin Durant liked what LeBron did because Kevin Durant is like about half of America – he’s incredibly comfortable with change,” Cowherd said on The Herd via The Express.

“Kevin Durant went to three different high schools, starred in all of them.

“He went to four places in three-and-a-half years. He grew up in D.C, went to college in Texas, drafted by Seattle and then immediately moved to Oklahoma City.

“His high school graduation to his second year in the NBA… four places… thrived in all of them.

He added: “This is why I say the Warriors dynasty is much closer to the end than it is to the beginning or the middle. It’s really close to the end.

“I think they’ll be in the Finals next year. I’ve taken the Celtics to beat them and that will create frays and fatigue and it will break up and my guess is Kevin Durant moves on.”

There are a couple of key points that Cowherd says. There is a chance that Durant might want to move on and accept a new challenge and teaming with James would make sense. The two are good friends and they would work well together on the same team.

Durant leaving the Warriors might not break up the Warriors dynasty though. The Warriors did win one title before Kevin Durant came on board and they could win again without him.