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Mark Cuban won’t be selling the Mavs anytime soon

If there was ever any speculation about Mark Cuban selling his most prized possession, the Dallas Mavericks, he put those rumors to rest on Wednesday afternoon.

During a segment with Bill Simmons on his show called “Any Given Wednesday”, Simmons, Cuban, and author Malcolm Gladwell discussed a little bit about what it’s like being a team owner in the NBA. After sifting through memories of hostile owners meetings and the ego-flooded conference rooms that Cuban has been a part of, the discussion moved a little more towards team-worth and recent changes in ownership.


Between 2010 and 2011, six NBA teams were purchased by new individual owners or ownership teams. Due to the high demand for owners at the time, many of them got steals with regards to most of those teams’ values today. Team values have grown from the mid-hundred-millions to the higher hundred-millions, and many well are over one billion. In 2010, the average worth of an NBA team was 367 million dollars. Since then, that average has nearly tripled to 1.106 billion dollars.

Today, 13 teams in the league are worth more than one billion dollars, including the Dallas Mavericks, valued at $1.4 billion. When Simmons asked Cuban if he’d sell for that amount, Cuban replied “I’m turning down anything.” So, Simmons challenged Cuban more, asking if he would sell the team for 3 billion dollars, to which Cuban replied, “What do I even need 3 billion dollars for?”

Mavericks fans, rest assured. Your owner is here to stay, no matter how high the offer is.

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