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Pirates home run disallowed, batter called out for reason you would never expect


As though the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates didn’t have enough on their plate on Tuesday evening at PNC Park against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the struggling National League Central ballclub moved backward in terms of scoring runs.

Pirates third baseman Ke’Bryan Hayes blasted a home run early on in the National League clash in Pittsburgh to get the scoring started. Or so he thought.

Hayes’ homer was ultimately taken off the board as the up-and-coming infielder somehow missed first base upon rounding the bases. Although this is absolutely unheard of at the big league level, this is a Pirates team that currently sits in last place in the National League Central standings, after all.

As a result of Hayes’ blunder, the Pirates and Dodgers remain knotted at zero heading into the third inning.

Although Hayes is batting well over .340, the 24-year-old corner infielder has just two homers and five RBI to his credit. Even though Tuesday evening’s mishap along the base path was certainly unfortunate for a variety of different reasons, one thing is absolutely for sure: It will never, ever happen to Hayes again.

Entering Tuesday, the Pirates were sporting a dismal 23-35 record, with the Dodgers already looking for their 35th win on the road.

As it stands today, the Pirates have the second-fewest wins in the entire National League, ahead of only the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Pirates are extremely unlikely to make any sort of playoff push this year. They simply don’t appear to have a particularly good team. Yet, with roughly 100 games remaining, it’s not as though Pittsburgh is dead and buried in the standings.

The Pirates are only 9.5 games out of the division lead in the first full week of June. The Milwaukee Brewers lead the division with a modest 33-26 record. No one is running away with the division, and the St. Louis Cardinals recently got swept by the Cincinnati Reds at home.

If the Pirates win 15 out of 20 in a 25-day stretch, they would be very much in the hunt and would certainly challenge for a wild card spot.

However, they need to start stepping on first base.