The Utah Jazz wingman Joe Ingles and Detroit Pistons All-star big man Blake Griffin rarely see each other on the court being from different conferences. Despite the distance and schedule, social media eliminates those boundaries and restrictions that give everybody access to interact with anybody anytime.

In the latest installment of NBA players trolling each other, the two go at it with a wicked back and forth through Twitter.

According to Bleacher Report's Twitter,

It all started out with a playful question about Ingles' jerseys selling out, while Griffin arrogantly replies about getting them and burning them in his fireplace in Detroit, Michigan. The trolling did not end in favor of the Pistons power forward. The Australian forward clapped back with Griffin always wanting his jersey. Although the most hurtful part would be the bit that Ingles says his own Clipper jersey was right next to the five-time All-star's jersey in Staples.

Months back, it was well-documented that Blake Griffin wanted to be a Clipper for life. Being drafted, developed, and at one point was the face of the franchise, you would think that would be very likely. Even if loyalty is a premium in the league, it is often forgotten the league and its teams run a business. As the Lob City era came to an end with the departure of Chris Paul, they moved the power forward to the Pistons for assets.

Joe Ingles may have that last laugh for now by putting some salt on the wound left by the Clippers booting their once beloved power forward. As the new season nears, it would not be a surprise if the two get on with sparring on social media again.