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Real Madrid president believes they should have a spot in the NBA, Eastern Conference


For Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, Real Madrid should be playing in the NBA, specifically in the Eastern Conference.

Per BeSoccer, Perez admitted that he has this dream of seeing his ball club in the NBA. He has even offered to be included in the Eastern Conference.

“In basketball we play many insignificant games,” Perez said. “It’s better to play less, but better.

“We have explored the option of a European League and I have the dream of seeing Madrid in the NBA.

“I have asked us to be included in the Eastern Conference, but they say that’s far away.”

It’s an interesting tidbit. Some rumors have popped out which say that NBA is planning to expand outside the US. Some say that the first step to expansion is having a team in Mexico. Not only is Mexico a stones throw away, but the Mexicans are big NBA fans and it could attract a Latin-American base of international players.

At this day and age, it only makes sense that the NBA expands outside the US. The league has gone global and there are lots of opportunities out there for expansion. For fans, one day, they just might have an NBA team within their city — a thing that they never even thought was possible.