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Tom Chambers charged with assault

Former Phoenix Sun player and current commentator, Tom Chambers, has reportedly been charged with two counts of physical assault and disorderly conduct, according to a report by TMZ.

Chambers, who retired from the NBA in 1997 and had his No. 24 jersey retired by the Suns, was dining in Isabella’s Kitchen back on April 15 with his family when a stranger approached him and proceeded to hurl profanities.

This unknown man – who was later identified as 22-year old Alexander Bergelt – started insulting his looks, stature, and weight.

The final straw was when Bergelt allegedly told him this:

“Your mom should have killed you when you came out of the womb as ugly as you are, your arms are skinny, your chest is this. Your belly is big”

After this exchange, Chambers proceeded to grab the aggressor by the throat and threw him down.

When police officers responded to the scene and questioned both men, Chambers had said he only wanted to get Bergelt to “show respect.”

On the other hand, Alexander recounts the incident in a different way. Based on his story, it was the ex-NBA player who was the assailant and charged at him at the bar, before pushing him down. He always says that all he wanted as “an apology.”

After the investigation, authorities charged both men, but none were put in jail.

Assuming Chambers’ story is true, it’s crazy to think that what caused Bergelt to piss a 6-foot-10, 240-pound man off; but since they were in a bar, alcohol may have placed a big role in this.

Hopefully, both men move on from this incident and Alexander Bergelt learns to pick on someone his own size next time.