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Turner Sports, Twitter announces live streaming deal for 20 NBA on TNT games this season

Turner Sports and Twitter have announced that 20 NBA games will be streamed live on the popular social media platform:

The NBA also announced that there would be some unique viewing options, like focusing the camera on just one player:

The player that the camera will follow will be selected through a voting process before the game starts.

So far, the first game scheduled to be streamed on Twitter is the All-Star Game, which will take place Sunday, Feb 17. You will be able to vote for who the “player cam” will follow once the All-Star rosters are released. Future streamable game dates will be released in the near future.

This is great news for NBA fans. Now, watching a game can be easier than ever before. Fans will be able to watch the game at home or on the go, regardless if they have cable service or not. The “player cam” adds a twist that can make the game even more exciting to watch by locking in on your favorite player.

Major League Baseball has experimented with something like this before. They streamed some games on Facebook, and millions of audience members tuned in. The games received an overall positive reception and MLB will more then likely repeat the streaming next season.  Hopefully, the NBA Twitter stream will be just as popular.