As it turns out, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant is a huge Godzilla fan. If you need proof, then all you'd need to do is to scroll over his latest activity on social media.

With the Godzilla vs. Kong movie set to hit theaters in March, it appears that Durant is very much looking forward to catching the flick. The former league Most Valuable Player winner, however, is not shy about saying which side he's taking in this epic fantasy battle:

If there was any doubt as to KD's affiliation with the monster that hails from the islands of Japan, then take a look at his tweets explaining why he believes King Kong should prove no match to the great Godzilla:

For good measure, the Nets star even threw in some insider knowledge about Godzilla. This type of information is something that only a true fan would have in his arsenal:

Having already missed a few games for the Nets this season due to some minor injuries, Durant knows a thing or two about load management — something that he referenced in a joke about Godzilla:

Needless to say, Kevin Durant will probably be one of the first people to watch the film once it is officially released. Let's just hope that it does not coincide with a Nets game, as that might present itself to be a true dilemma for the 10-time All-Star.

KD — who himself recently made headlines for calling out some “old heads” who he believes are unrightfully taking shots at young NBA stars — is hyping the movie so much that you'd think that he had some money invested in the picture. We checked, though, and this does not appear to be the case.