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Antonio Brown has locked himself in his house amid ongoing battery investigation

Antonio Brown has locked himself into his Hollywood, Florida home amid an ongoing battery investigation according to Hollywood Police spokesman Christian Lata, according to Chris Bumbaca of USA Today.

Officers responded to an emergency call from Brown’s house on Tuesday, when a delivery driver claimed he was the victim of battery. Brown’s trainer, Glen Holt was taken into custody on Tuesday night and charged with “burglary with batter.”

Brown is also a suspect in the case but it’ unclear at this point if there will be charges brought against him. Multiple attempts by police to get into contact with Brown at his house have been unsuccessful. Lata confirmed that Brown is still locked inside the house, but has not been willing to talk to the police yet. Lata also said it’s still an ongoing investigation and more information would be released sometime Wednesday.

Even though Brown doesn’t have time to talk to the police, he did tweet out a link to a new song he released.

With every passing day, it seems more and more unlikely Brown will see the NFL field again unless he makes some serious changes. This is just the latest incident in what has become a long list of strange behavior since he forced himself out of Pittsburgh.

Hopefully, if the Hollywood police department does decide to arrest Antonio Brown it can be a peaceful conclusion and he goes into custody willingly. It would also be a good time for Brown to surround himself with people who want to help turn his life around