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Patriots news: Jay Glazer partly blames COVID-19 for why Stephon Gilmore was not moved at NFL trade deadline

Jay Glazer, Patriots, Stephon Gilmore

A seemingly quiet trade deadline has passed for the New England Patriots and others and the COVID-19 pandemic is one to blame, according to FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer. The Patriots were among the teams many thought would make a move before the deadline, with Stephon Gilmore being mentioned in rumors a lot of times.

He explained Tuesday on “The Herd,” that teams weren’t in a position to make blockbusters especially with the current circumstances.

“…This is such a different year,” Glazer said on FS1. “There’s no instant gratification this year because if you trade for a player, he can’t play for you that first game because of COVID rules. He has to test for six days before he can even join you. Even if you get him in there on time after you trade today, he’s not going to play this weekend, probably limited the week after that. So, you don’t have that instant gratification.”

He also alluded to the diminished cap space as another reason for teams not deciding to engage in big trades and acquire A-list players.

“Plus, we also know the cap goes down this year considerably because of COVID. So, as a result of this, teams are not calling around trying to wheel and deal. They’re trying to dump out some high-priced players, but nobody is taking those high-priced players, those big contracts because of what the cap is going to be next year. That’s why this whole trade deadline this year has been pretty uneventful for the most part,” he continued.

A ton of swirling rumors recently involved the Patriots star and 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year in Stephon Gilmore which speculated that he will be traded by the Patriots for much-needed assets. The team was also reported to have set a steep price tag in exchange for the star cornerback but no deal ever came to fruition as the deadline passed.

A breath of fresh air could’ve benefited Stephon Gilmore, a former South Carolina standout, where he can land a more lucrative paycheck in the coming years. Instead, he will remain with the Patriots for the remainder of their 2020 campaign but his future beyond this season remains to be filled with uncertainty.