Patriots news: Josh McDaniels' offense will change after Tom Brady's departure, says former coach
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Patriots’ Josh McDaniels’ offense will change after Tom Brady’s departure

Patriots, Josh McDaniels, Tom Brady

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has made his name around the league for his offensive attack. Much of which has been synched up alongside Tom Brady for a vast majority of his career. Now, heading into 2020, McDaniels will be sans Brady, a move which could drastically alter how his offense operates.

“I would imagine the biggest challenge is to create the identity under whoever the new quarterback is going to be,” said former head coach Brian Billick, via Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “It will clearly be more defined than what we saw all those years under Tom Brady.”

Brady and McDaniels had a relationship that allowed the two some creative freedom in dealing with one another. While veteran Brian Hoyer — who was brought back in already during the off-season — has some experience working with McDaniels, the rapport is unlikely to be anything mirroring the previous dynamic.

Whether it’s Hoyer, Jarrett Stidham, a free agent or a rookie from the 2020 NFL Draft that sees the majority of snaps under center for New England this year, what seems unquestioned is that the offense won’t be nearly as freeform.

“It’ll look a little more traditional, and a little more identifiable with whoever the quarterback is,” Billick said.

Fortunately for the Patriots, they boast one of the league’s top defensive units. Which could make them AFC East favorites, even with Brady no longer in the mix. For McDaniels, it may be another chance to prove his acumen, and potentially even make a new star.