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Pistons bettors suffers one of the most horrific bad beats of all time


It’s the NBA offseason but that’s not going to stop people from finding ways to bet on the NBA. For one, there are actual NBA games being played with the ongoing Summer League in Las Vegas. Betting on sports can be a gift that keeps on giving. It’s also a proven source of painful experiences. Those who laid money on the Detroit Pistons to beat the Orlando Magic in Monday night’s game by at least two points surely can relate to the latter, thanks to this brutal, brutal bad beat.

This is the kind of bad beat that can make a bettor forget about watching sports for a while.

The Pistons looked like they were headed for a cover when Saben Lee drained a pair of free throws with just under 18 seconds remaining on the game clock. By and large, Summer League games are meaningless, but even when there’s nothing much on the line, these teams are going to go hard every time to win. Most players on the rosters Summer League teams have something to prove, many looking to pad their stats to look better, even on just a marginal gain. That’s also why Tahjere McCall and Ignas Brazdeikis both tried to win the game for the Magic by launching threes. Both attempts failed but with two seconds left in regulation, Yante Maten converted an offensive rebound for a score at the buzzer.

The Pistons still won the game, 79-78, but that means absolutely nothing for Detroit spread bettors — and everything to Magic wagerers.