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Raiders QB Derek Carr grateful for Mark Davis’ vote of confidence

derek carr, mark davis

There have been a lot of questions about Derek Carr and his future with the Oakland Raiders after this season but at least one person still has confidence him in his skills, owner Mark Davis. Carr was asked about the vote of confidence on Sunday and he said he appreciated it.

Davis seemed to be passing off the blame on the trades, injuries and the bad offensive line, rather than Carr really struggling to hit his receivers.

“Derek’s taking a lot of s— right now,” Davis said via NBC Sports. “He is the franchise quarterback right now. He doesn’t have Amari Cooper. He lost (Martavis) Bryant to a knee injury today. Guys have been getting hurt. Who’s he throwing to? Jordy Nelson and Seth Roberts, which are good guys. But they’re not putting the fear of God in anybody.

The fans have been frustrated with the results this season and most of the blame has been put on Jon Gruden and Carr.

“It just is what it is. It’s nice words,” Carr said Wednesday. “He’s just telling the truth, man. He’s not one to sugar coat things. It hasn’t been easy, but there’s no excuse. I still hold myself to a standard. Whether he calls me and tells me those things, I still say, ‘But I could’ve done this or this. I could keep doing this.’ He keeps having my back. He keeps telling what everyone keeps telling me inside (the building). I just go by what they say. For him to say that, it feels good.”

So far this season Carr has thrown for 2441 yards, 10 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. He hasn’t thrown a touchdown in either of his last two games and it feels like the second half of this season is an audition to prove to Gruden and the rest of the organization that he is still the quarterback of the future.