The first Monday Night Football game of the year is between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens in the beautiful new Allegiant Stadium. Prior to the game, famous Raiders fan Ice Cube got on camera and made a bold prediction for their 2021 season.

Yeah, Ice Cube is really predicting a Raiders Super Bowl run during this season. Sure, maybe he is being hopeful and has a little bit of bias, but still, that is as bold as it could be.

Are the Raiders a bad team? No, not at all. But, they are in the same division as the Kansas City Chiefs, who just went to the Super Bowl once again and are expected to be among the favorites in the AFC and should capture the AFC West crown once again.

The Raiders improved–at least on paper–during the offseason as well, and surely Ice Cube is aware of their improvements.

First things first is a tough matchup against the Ravens, who are expecting Lamar Jackson to play a significant role as always, even more after they lost a huge chunk of players to unfortunate season-ending injuries.

Will Ice Cube's prediction come to fruition? Only time will tell.