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Raiders expected to keep Nathan Peterman and Mike Glennon

mike glennon, nathan peterman

The Oakland Raiders have finally decided on their QB rotation for the coming season. Nathan Peterman and Mike Glennon are both expected to stay with the team.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network provided more details about the situation in his tweet:

With Glennon expected to become Derek Carr’s backup, Peterman will look to continue his development as the third-stringer.

Mike Glennon is a seasoned quarterback with some years under his belt. After a hot start with his first two seasons at Tampa Bay, he soon moved on to Chicago and Arizona, with little success. He has thrown a total of 5,107 passing yards.

Meanwhile, Peterman has an interesting story going for him. He started his college career at Tennessee but barely got any playing time. He then transferred to Pitt, where he threw an incredible 5,142 passing yards and had a 151.1 QB rating in his two years there.

He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 5th round of the 2017 draft but didn’t get much action with the team. He only played eight games in his two years with the team before being let go.

He bounced back from the cut by performing incredibly well during the preseason. He impressed Joe Gruden so much that he had a hard time with his QB choices. He did well enough in his audition that the team decided to take a risk with him.

Neither Glennon nor Peterman figures to see much time on the field as long as Carr remains healthy this season. There’s a pretty decent chance of that happening, with Carr missing just two regular-season games in his first five years in the league.