Raiders rumor: Oakland interested in QB Brett Hundley
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Rumor: Oakland Raiders interested in QB Brett Hundley

Brett Hundley

One of the most important players on every team in the NFL is a guy who rarely, if ever, steps on the field— the backup quarterback. The Oakland Raiders learned this lesson the hard way when they lost Derek Carr to a late-season injury a couple of years ago.

It looks like they may be trying to rectify the problem by trading with the Green Bay Packers for Brett Hundley.

The Packers recently acquired DeShone Kizer from the Cleveland Browns which makes Hundley expendable. Rather than outright release him, the Packers are trying to get something for him. They nearly pulled off trade with the Titans. But at the last minute, Tennessee opted to back out.

It sounds like the Raiders are still interested in Hundley for a late-round pick.

The move would not be a bad one for the Raiders. Yes, Hundley looked pretty bad at times last season. But with all the playing time he received, he did improve quite a bit by the end of the season. A case could certainly be made that he is better than the two guys currently on the roster, EJ Manuel (who is set to become a free agent) and Connor Cook.

Hundley started nine games for the Packers last season winning three and losing six. His best day came against the Cleveland Browns in Week 14. Against the Browns, he completed 35 of 46 pass attempts for 265 yards and three touchdowns. He completed 60.8 percent of his passes for 1836 yards for nine touchdowns (and 12 interceptions).

The Packers acquired Hundley in the fifth round back in 2015. But since they acquired Kizer, they are probably more concerned with getting something for him rather than letting him go.